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Hi, I'm Caillou

2012-04-17 23:28:27 by Caillou93

I'm just a kid who's four.
Each day I grow some more, I like exploring, I'm Caillou
So many things to do, Each day is something new! I'll share them with you, I'm Caillou
My world is turning (Changing each day!)
With mommy and daddy, and finding my way!
Growing up is not so tough, Cept' when I've had enough, But there's lots of fun stuff, I'm Caillou, Caillou, Caillou...
I'm Caillou!

That's me!

Hi, I'm Caillou


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2012-04-17 23:34:04

Do you have ants in your yard?

Caillou93 responds:



2016-10-07 03:43:35

As in GOANIMATE,it's revealed that Rosie Is a ginger! :D